Avoiding the rawness of life is like trying to sand a brick with a piece of twine: hopeless. Sure, you can polish a rock and make it pretty and smooth, and after doing so it’ll skip across a pond like a fucking champ, but we all know the rock was originally rough and rugged and fine the way it was. Which brings me to my next point, VIK’s CLEAR SPACE / CLEAR MIND is “rawshit”, but by no means unpolished. It’s rawness is like an uncooked vegetable: nutritious, vibrant, and good for you. Which brings me to my next next point, stream CLEAR SPACE / CLEAR MIND below and chomp down with delight on what is VIK’s newest beat tape (OMG: SHUT UP, BRAIN!).

• VIK: https://soundcloud.com/comfygod
• VIK: https://vktrstn.bandcamp.com

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