♫♪  VIK - “eyes tie die”

Just when I thought I’d settled on The Blueprint as being the ultimate driving music, I burned a load of VIK jawns to CD-R and switched it up. Suffice to say, it hasn’t left my stereo since. VIK just can’t stop coming up with that rawshit, even when he’s flipping “sci-fi in high def” Danny Brown verses. Shit’s grittier than the interior of a poorly-kept Renault Clio. This one’s for the transitionary summer to winter period, rolling through country lanes in a shitty car with the speakers turned up; there’s nobody else around to hear, no-one to impress, but it’s dope all the same.

“eyes tie die” is off of (sub)conscious, out #soon on Burnt Tapes.

• VIK: https://soundcloud.com/comfygod
• Burnt Tapes: https://burnttapesak.bandcamp.com

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