♫♪  Virtaranta Okuda Berger Trio - “Live @ Rojišče”

So I’ve heard. Begins with a polite start at and through the door; most of these sort of things start this way, brushes into scrapes and then the pincers come out, pinches nerves, roughing up the strings and abusing the instruments; tug at it. “Your honor, but it was under the extended technique clause that these instruments were thus laid to ruin…” Mercy, mercy me. Deliberate, premeditated (prepared) acoustic assault. Double the damages. See you later, alligator.

Within bounds, holding back a bit, improvisation can knock it out of the park, score the winning basket, make an unusual A to B, linearity with deviation, devastated linearity, jump-shots in the Gamma quadrant.

The trio of Virtaranta, Okuda, and Berger does just that in this live recording. They hone. Naturally rising from brush to scrap and pincer, yet never sinking above to the l. common-denominator plateau of nowhere-to-go-but-keep-going-banging-our-heads-on-the-ceiling acoustic assault these sort of arcs tend to peak at, they proceed with sharp tense execution. The trial is called off. Free to proceed at leisure.

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