Virtual Flannel
Neon Waves

The thing I dig most about listening to music is that it’s sorta like reading musicians’ conscious thoughts. Creatively, with or without words, musicians are bestowing ideas unknown upon listeners, who then form original thoughts or feel nostalgia based on the music, all personalized to the closed-eyed imagination of the listener. It’s like a faux telepathic resonance.

Virtual Flannel (Chris Bridge) has been working hard to bring that resonance to every listener willing to take the journey. Starting this year with a TMT guest mix, Virtual Flannel now pops his second release on Noorden, blowing away dancers, ciphers, bobbers, and the like-mindeds, bending beat after beat in warped hip-hop explosion. And as his other Wet Money peers continue conducting shock and awe, dampening their beats in liquid electronics, Virtual Flannel still walks the line between warped-tape and fluid-skew on Neon-Waves. Enjoy it below! Sold out at the Virtual Flannel website, but more copies through Noorden!!

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