♫♪  Vit Yani - Maskuline

A constant within us all that won’t stop. It’s insatiable, almost naturally. The drug the human body excretes for you to be. And it cannot stop. There’s too much happening into this robbery of flesh. Why can’t I see you cut in the moonlight-dark. Do I look fat? An emblem of youth in your thirties. Sweat won’t get you another. Lights out immediately. Antifur along a marble smooth.

A plastic of melt. That don’t make no sense. Although increase. Within Maskuline. Almost like the swan-song after. Elongated pause. Meeting a friend at a UK rave that’s not supposed to be, but just happened that way. Without reaction. Nothing but action. Take upon the opportunity. The presentation brings an atmosphere. How you feel now, yes:

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