♫♪  Voice Training - XMPC014 mix

Sweet imps skitter around the dance floor. Sprite as Puck and as quick to be playful it was almost in an instant that I became bewitched.

Voice Training’s spry techno zips and elates with rapid, resolute rhythms at once heavy and light, a lot of fun textures scampering through its atmosphere, and a deft way of stitching breakneck paces so body nor mind never get bored. This could almost be a soundtrack to a platform video game like Rayman Legends encouraging players to hop and glide at supersonic speeds.

This mix, made for NY-based artist collective Xiao Ma archives Voice Training’s all original live set for the eighth installment of party series School of Hard Trax held at NY venue Mood Ring in December 2018. I have been listening to this for two days thinking about how jealous I am of everyone that was able to see this live. Undoubtedly my new soundtrack for when I need to get excited about my life.

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