♫♪  w. baer X lila tirando a violeta - “sleep tight love”

Nobody sleeps on the subway, really. The tumultuous area is a complete hub of frantic chaos. Whatever time of day, sleeping on the subway is a pensive action, and very tight. Suffocating almost, and more-so than just the general crammed-in sardine feel. It’s like a one-eye open feel, even if you do start to nod-off, one jolts themselves back into reality, whether that jolt is of intrepidation, alert, forgetfulness, weariness, or ache. Thus, an image, of a bed, can be the only fantasy, in the most uncomfortable of situations.

Shouts out to w. baer X lila tirando a violeta for concocting the perfect soundtrack to this situation. Press play on their newest collaborative track “sleep tight love,” and keep on guard, while drifting with peace. It almost sounds like that clamming medium of steady beat intensity with floaty braided melodies that intentionally clash in harmony, still working of the sharpness of rhythm. Deceitfully sharp around soft edges. And — no joke — should be picked up for a new SUV or Grey’s Anatomy spin-off theme-song. w. baer X lila tirando a violeta should make millions with “sleep tight love.” Level up:

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