♫♪  Wampire - “The Hearse”

Not that band names always signify what that band will sound like, but it seems that Wampire is finally embracing the undead aspect of their name. First of all, this song is called “The Hearse.” And then you press play and that creepy organ begins wobbling from your speakers. It isn’t until the crunchy, driving drum beat comes in when you can even recognize it as a Wampire song, and even then it takes all of these eerie twists and turns like a jam band playing a Halloween house show. But by the time that final chorus kicks in and those cold-wave synths toss us into the setting of The Lost Boys, “The Hearse” has summoned us so far into its Bad Vibrations atmosphere that we find ourselves suited in black, dancing along with the funeral procession, and wondering how we ended up here. Lots of blood and fog, I think.

You can check out “The Hearse” below and buy the 7-inch now from Polyvinyl Records. The full-length, Curiosity is due in May.

• Wampire: https://soundcloud.com/wampire-music
• Polyvinyl Records: http://www.polyvinylrecords.com

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