♫♪  Wanda Group - “Almost Never Got Out”

Damnit. I spend all this money on these really nice headphones, and Wanda Group just up and releases “Almost Never Got Out,” seamlessly slipping back into the murky beat-fuck production he used to scare listeners with when he still called himself Dem Hunger. It feels like a big slap in the face, leaving a mark that reads “NO HEADPHONES WILL CONTAIN ME!” like some smirking noise floor coat of arms. It pisses me off.

Stream “Almost Never Got Out” (part of a split single with “U U I (Super 32)” by another of his aliases, The Hers) below or download here. Then kill some time on his eerie Tumblr page and try to find all of the other pseudonyms he releases music under (Hint: there are six total).

• Wanda Group: http://alienpaint.tumblr.com

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