♫♪  Wara From The NBHD - “PLEASE” (Prod. Alex Young & Wili Hendrixs)

Wara From The NBHD has continuously embodied a revolutionary spirit that resonates throughout his ever-abrasive work like a lifeblood, never faltering or fading in his push of politically charged hip-hop to its limits with the assistance of rock-and-roll stylings. On the cover for “PLEASE,” that spirit lives on as a painted depiction of the Atlanta rapper raises his fist high in unison with the rallying cry of a release.

Producers Alex Young and Wili Hendrixs lay down the instrumental groundwork for “PLEASE” with a tradeoff of rapid-fire hi-hats and an eerie, slightly-offbeat synth that functions like a subtle alarm for action, its urgency complimented by gritty 808 kicks with an industrial bent. In both voice and lyrical structure, Wara capitalizes on the production to deliver his most potent work as an emcee to date via a sense of deep-seated confidence (“My nigga what’s the situation? I ain’t ask for opinions or no motherfucking validation”) that quickly transitions into a sense of externalized urgency on the hook, an urgency that feels like it encompasses a range of voices far beyond the singular one presently spitting: “PLEASE let my gang in here, let my gang in here/PLEASE let my gang in here, let my gang in here.”

As the track bridges into a section built upon guitar-work and live percussion, it eventually closes out with an emotionally-charged guitar solo of a reprise that fades to reverb. At that moment, “PLEASE” finds itself a beautiful conclusion, one that might seem at odds with its preceding anxieties, yet makes total sense as a crucial release of the tension Wara channels.

And with that, a compelling voice grounded in hip-hop continues to emerge.

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