Reasons why:

1. These beats are slaying like Beowulf and Odysseus: the fucking GREATS, man. That shit. No-holding-back-style approach. Mind pirouette, let that shit break your spirit.

2. For real though, “INDIG0 NIGHTS” has all the laid back pelvic thrust that the kids these days are craving. They want music their ears can shimmy to when they drive their dads’ cars behind the abandoned train yard to smoke joints and throw signs; drink Jungle Syrup ®.

3. WARM THIGHS brings up to bat that ice-cream thick stutter, representing SP-404 samplin’ and dancin’. The choice of sounds on this tape harkens back to the thrift store days; chopping up VHS tapes and splicing the footage across your bedroom ceiling, letting that shit corrupt your little brother when he walks into your room and you’re bumping. Let him hear that 90s snare snap and the grubby tape-quality hip-hop strut. He came to ask if he could borrow your headphones, but he doesn’t want them anymore! Now he just wants to join the dub and get a little up, so you guys head down into the drainage ditches at the end of the street to tag your names super quick-like, because you’re afraid of getting caught.

4. This is (presumably) the fifth WARM THIGHS mixtape. They come out like new flavors of Gatorade or limited edition Nikes… you gotta cop that shit, man.

5. In my personal opinion, WARM THIGHS 5 is better than WARM THIGHS 4. On 5, there is a greater effort put into the intentional deconstruction of the beats. In the wake of all this 90s-revivalist, “Beast Coast”-beat making (see: Team Supreme), WARM THIGHS is using organic sampling techniques to chop & screw Starburst-sized cuts of audio. There is no certain start and end point to each beat, meaning it is entirely plausible that the songs presented on the WARM THIGHS 5 Bandcamp page are only snippets of a greater whole — music that has been recovered from a warbling, brain-dead cassette and is only now being salvaged. WARM THIGHS 4 placed emphasis on adding otherworldly qualities to classic hip-hop breaks. Often the resulting effect of this process is a little disorientating, whereas on 5, the tracks play laughs on the 4/4 time signature, allowing the rhythm of each song to establish its own awkward, stuttering gate. Don’t get too comfortable. Name your price.

• WARM THIGHS: http://warmthighs.bandcamp.com

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