♫♪  Weird Magic - “CO>OL”

There’s something positively irregular in the way Weird Magic constructs their tracks. By that, I mean not unseemly or crude. Far from it. In the vein of prior (and excellent) Beer on the Rug releases, Weird Magic embraces a heterodox form of wobblypop that’s closer to sculpting than producing. “CO>OL” is a bonafide runestone of goof, if that runestone was constructed from pineal gland play-doh. No worries, it’s a good kind of decalcification. It just might have you feeling slightly off-balance.

At the end of this tugging, stretching, and molding, you’ll find that “CO>OL” is a mighty fine tempura paint effigy. Wet to the touch, thickening all the same. I’d advise touching it as much as possible; you won’t often get the opportunity to feel your brain as much in a gnarly track like this.

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