♫♪  Wellington Downs - “Peak Behind the Window”

The name Wellington Downs sounds like a country club, doesn’t it? I just think of a bunch of uptight rich guys smoking cigarettes through silver cigarette holders, sipping on martinis, and talking about golf and the stock market, but I get all these stereotypes from movies, so who knows? Either Wellington Downs is a reference to something other than a country club or things get real hot and heavy among all those smug jerks when they unwind after the sun sets and all the women let their hair down.

Check out “Peak Behind the Window” from his new tape on Patient Sounds below, and scuff up those shiny white golf cleats as you dance to that chugging beat underneath all of the galaxy-sized distortion.

• Wellington Downs: http://wellingtondowns.bandcamp.com
• Patient Sounds: http://patientsounds.blogspot.com

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