♫♪  Wench - “Sick”

If you’re like me an’ look fiiiiiiine as FUCK, it’s probably because you also own the entire HOOD BY AIR collection, but sport custom-made leather-design work at boychild’s 3AM party on Tuesday, end up leaving the leather because nudity is way more luxurious, and freedom was like red-white-and-blue lights on the Empire State Building for no reason. Pretend like this isn’t you and want a taste of this life: LOOK NO FURTHER! Arca has been collaborating musically with HBA boss Shayne Oliver on the long-awaited (apparently 40-50 tracks deep) project, Wench, having just dropped their high-fashion single, “Sick.”

Shayne on chants and Arca off in production world, “Sick” presents Wench in a lime light that feels like partying in a top-floor penthouse overlooking Chinatown while feeling nauseous from fast life living drained and charged simultaneously in a whirlwind of relentlessness. Gorgeously, though, with a soul that sticks a wedge within emotional and respiratory palpitations. And coming down off that “Meditation,” Arca’s relapse into abstract production continues sizzling into 2016 with masterful strokes. Scope:

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