♫♪  White Christian Male - “Antichrist”

White Christian Male is Dennis Hudson, a white presumptuously ex-Christian (PolitiFact found this to be false) male living outside Detroit. The presumption comes from the grainy social irony of late-1970s European new wave which seems to have influenced Hudson throughout the four years of music available for us: last year’s Misanthropy Tapes, Controlled Moments, and come on his name is White Christian Male.

This project began as OLMS in 2011. Hudson changed the name after American Chav Peter Yorn became a cave-dwelling salamander and started amassing Wikipedia pages. The 2011 four song ambient-leaning debut, first cycle is soft like any introduction unsure of itself, a platform that moved quickly to a darker twist of new wave. Some post-industrial dinner party for Genesis P-Orridge and Gatekeeper. The best credentials of his most recent uploads is the size and volume of it. Hudson’s productions are crushing, industrialized synth pop with enough brutality to soundtrack any weekend torture project.

Click here to pre-order a white christian male’s magnum opus, Full Lateral Novelty Music, from Tacuara Records.

• While Christian Male: https://soundcloud.com/olms
• White Christian Male: https://www.facebook.com/WCMindustrial

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