♫♪  White Poppy - “Confusion”

The queen of meditative peace is back! That’s right, White Poppy (a.k.a. Crystal Dorval) has returned on Not Not Fun with mad sedative, taking pleasure in untangling “Confusion” as her first single. That classic White Poppy spirit-guide bass-line taking you hand-in-hand, burnt out sample amidst the background synthetic sounds, matched with a counter-tap drum-beat. Serenity takes it’s toll when the vocals being to stir, breathing the contemplation of “Confusion,” and satiating the blissfulness of this emotion via sound.

Could I attest to getting 100% whacked out of my mind and having heard White Poppy before? Yes. And did I go out on the patio to cook dinner, realize “This ain’t the kitchen,” find that I locked myself out, and then made friends with the Koreans next door while I waited for my landlord to bring me a spare key? Yes. All this happened. All this was very confusing. And White Poppy has just made a whimsical post-soundtrack to this mind-mustering event.

Let White Poppy help you figure out your “Confusion” below, and find her LP on Not Not Fun June 23! More details over in our news section.

• White Poppy: http://crystaldorval.com
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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