♫♪  White Poppy - “Weight Of The World”

White Poppy is back on that mellow with “Weight Of The World,” a track that builds a blend of pop and [old-French movie soundtracks] in a kaleidoscopic gaze. With poised serenity, the lyrics comprising “Weight Of The World” develop a complex duality of anxiety and relief in white-gothic overtones that mingle the melody and pace so well that it appears White Poppy has found the most peaceful way to vent. So it’s a blessing that “Weight Of The World” has been shared with all of us! Listeners now have an extra piece of mind to reflect upon, while taking it easy at home or on the road, trying to relax in a pensive, but not-so-tiresome environment, as White Poppy narrates a tapestry of beauty. Check out “Weight Of The World” below, and head on over to White Poppy’s Instagram page because there are FUN TIMES happening there that make the day go by with a big-old grin.

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