♫♪  White Rainbow - “Batman Palace”

I saw this dude White Rainbow play at an awesome-warehouse-venue-turned-dance-club and he might have been kind of [not sober], because he kept turning the music down really low at peak tension-building moments in the mix, and would insist loudly into the microphone, “I’m not here to entertain you. If you want to be entertained, go watch Netflix on your laptop at home.”

Checking this new “Batman Palace” track out now at home on my laptop, I don’t much feel like cutting the rug, but then again my living room is about the furthest thing from a dance club. So, if I’m not entertained, what does it leave me? Call it mystified.

White Rainbow is releasing his first physical album in five years on February 11th entitled THRU.U. Vinyl pre-orders are available here. Stream the single “Batman Palace” below and be mystified:

• White Rainbow: http://whiterainbowpizza.bandcamp.com

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