♫♪  White Rope - “Thumbs Down”

When I need to get out of my usual listening rut of power ambient and gentle new age tones, oh, how the riffs doth flow, my friends. The latest barn burner from NYC trio White Rope, is a full length aural rock attack. The group, composed of Eric Jimenez (Guitar), Alec Lambert (Keyboard, vocals), and Mike Birnbaum (drums), drop killer after killer on this one, with “Thumbs Down” a primo example of the haunted rocker vibe that’s possessed each of these eight wild tracks. On the tune below, you’ve got chugging keyboards, epic guitars, and crisp drums seamlessly coming together on a hooky power pop anthem. Whether you’re driving in the car, riding the bus, or zooming down the street on your hoverboard, “Thumbs Down” will be along for the ride, ready to get you through the day.

No Funeral drops January 24 and, if you happen to be in New York (and who isn’t these days!), White Rope are celebrating the album’s release on the 31st, with special guests Upsetter, Blood Blush, ⌞AMEN⌝. In the mixed up landscape of 2k19, rock and roll lives on, baby!

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