Whatever, wherever, however we may experience the total experience of the virtual club, now, in near anti-ages, in hovering garage spaces high in the omnisphere, in simulated deserts pocked with palm tree’d oases, through the chaotically rendered portals that artist N. Zhu spliced and swirled for the cover of ANCESTOR KIT, these tracks from Germany’s WHORLTOOTH would be sure to creep, ominously, vine-ily, down the walls from heavy speakers, wrap around our ankles, pull us back into the dead sea.

We are weak and ecological non-things. As we dance, we also die. Like their friends Eco Futurism Corporation, tropical interface, and Roof Garden Records, Bio Future Laboratory’s experience of the techno-present finds its legs in the Anthropocene, and hides its lush heart within the humid glass walls of a greenhouse. The jungle is soon to be totally destroyed outside, yet rare flora still grows inside, subliminally. Hear how sheets of stripped and split wires hang like mossy beards from the aching trees, buzz, burn, sizzle into nothingness in the ensuing acid rain.

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