♫♪  Wiardon - Windbreaker Music

It was 78-degrees this past Saturday. It was total Windbreaker Music. So I sat out and wrote about Wiardon’s newest cassette on Paxico Records. Although there’ve been two drops since (Wildflower and Cave Music II), I woke up with Windbreaker Music on me mind. It was simply a gentle-breeze reminder that something this chill was popping with the weather. So there I sat writing this here post, in my white, Speedo windbreaker, wasting away with the weather in the afternoon, then reading, and then napping. But around 7-or-so, I woke up to a frost. It was a chill so deep that frost my windbreaker to my skin. So I went home. And blasted Windbreaker Music off my stereo system. On high. Got more high. Drew in some pure Wiardon production. YOU CAN TOO!

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