♫♪  Wilted Woman - Lon Lon Night Vision

Wilted Woman made the fifth song I ever wrote about when I started blogging here almost three years ago. That particular one is gone now but she’s continued to release stellar release after stellar release (some geared towards the dancefloor, others for isolated listening whilst feeling freaky by torchlight hidden under the bed), most recently on the excellent Alien Jams in collaboration with formerly-NYC-based-but-now-somewhere-in-Europe hardware stalwart Nick Klein. (That one, titled Cafe Kotti, rejects ideas of floors, public or private, or any other set spaces, object, or signs that may bind us to the earth.)

For this new 12-inch on Phantasy Sound she presents rhythmic tracks with a clubby bent and extra bright-eyed construction. Bees bustle around the hive. Termites gather to build their hills full of elaborate vaults and arches. And a spider, symbolizing hope, disappears into the nether. Laurel Halo contributes a light-handed remix where swarms of clackety drums, fluttering hi-hats, and pellets of still-smoking synthetic slugs (the insect kind) add their festive airs. Festivilian. Reptilian. Another night another dream it’s like a vision of love.

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