♫♪  Winter Drones - “Winnie Cooper’s Bones”

Winter Drones, the moniker of Hush Arbors’ guitarist Leon Dufficy, released its debut album, Blood in the Coffin, earlier this year on cassette via micro-label Sexbeat Records. Haven’t heard of it? Well, that’s where Weird Forest comes in: the Sacramento label is giving the newly remastered-by-Pete-Swanson album a wider release come December, and as everyone knows, anything remastered by Pete Swanson (formerly of Dogville Yellow Swans, by the way) is, at the very least, worth listening to.

A follow-up full-length is due sometime in 2011 on Weird Forest.

• Winter Drones: http://www.myspace.com/leonjdufficy
• Weird Forest: http://www.weirdforest.com

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