♫♪  Wiz Khalifa - “Universal Studios” (Prod. by The Alchemist)

12:09:10 PM 7/28/18 - This new Wiz and Alchemist track, “Universal Studios,” has that Just Blaze/early Kanye/Heatmakerz vibe to it!!

12:09:36 PM 7/28/18 - Alchemist sure is talented. Might have to flip him some coin for this.

12:09:39 PM 7/28/18 - Wait, the 45 is $20?! Nah I’m good.

12:10:01 PM 7/28/18 - Sure wish Wiz wasn’t on this, but whatevs.

12:10:07 PM 7/28/18 - I should be nicer. He’s not so bad.

12:10:35 PM 7/28/18 - Wonder how much water an elephant drinks in a day?

12:10:52 PM 7/28/18 - Oooff this chorus sux.

12:10:58 PM 7/28/18 - Holy shit, 50 gallons?!

12:11:45 PM 7/28/18 - That really is a lot of water…

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