As their name insists, WWWINGS is a trio, including Lit Daw and Lit Internet, although the third remains a mystery. No matter, because their newest release BLESSED has recently been swept up by TAR, and is spacial and lit and for the ears of every progressive production fiend/listener out there. Ranging from snares to machines, trap to UFC, the meth lab and club, WWWINGS just juggles rhythms like scratches barely coming through the radio. BLESSED picks up frequencies encircling the airways that have been nonexistent and in limbo for the past few years, accelerating them inhumanly, and finding parts of our mental grey areas and activating them in a misty, creative zone. Leave it up to TAR to find a bunch future-sound forebears that aren’t afraid to use every bit of audio in their folders to create something so maximally sampled and minimally engineered. Scope WWWINGS’ BLESSED below, and head to the TAR SoundCloud page to download it and listen EVERYWHERE:

• WWWINGS: https://soundcloud.com/wwwings
• TAR: http://wearetar.com

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