♫♪  x/o - “incubator, chamber of thoughts”

Quantum Natives has the best website ever. Quantum Natives has had a year with releases from swiʌelized souηds, oxhy, and a gnarled compilation feat. emamouse, yikii, and Yves Tumor.

Now, grey skies wash out my shadow, and cold winds rattle the windowpanes. I hear it whipping, at night, a wailing through lips like thin glass.

It’s time to incubate. I’ll stay inside. I’ll imagine a black flame a-flicker betwixt my cupped fingers. I’ll bleed my heart dry in this cold chamber.

In collaboration with PTP, Quantum Natives offers cocoon egg from x/o for the season. Her tattered wings, black and lacy, shook from dust, surrounding me.

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