♫♪  Yard - In Waiting

Listen to Yard and think,”We’re getting there, somewhere, and I think it’s pretty nice there.” And then, “Maybe this is taking control of my brain.” Maybe things evolve. It could be the mix getting busier, or it could be us noticing more of the mix. Certain moments catch us and send our heads spinning in nice little crescent moons waiting for the next shift, which maybe never comes. But we’re down. The reality of the next part never coming —> the realization that the little flecks and scrapes and blips that brewed on the edge of the beat for the last two minutes, those were the thing. “The ticket.” The vivid synth bass that oozes and slinks all over the lower register, definitely another ticket. The haze that shrouds an upper register into which vague lead phrases burst and float and then deflate again into the rhythm is a beautiful symptom of the medium and of the mind harnessing it.

In Waiting is Chris Jones’ second tape under his Yard moniker on Further Records. One hundred physical copies of the release exist. All of these things happened in Seattle RE: this tape: the programming, the turning of the knobs, the keys pressed, the creation and the layout of the typeset, the consideration of the promotional materials, the uploading of the files to the internet (it took me up through the first two minutes of “Disco Belle” on Bandcamp before I clicked the Order button), the shipping of the tapes, the living of lives in which beats and loops and synth patches play no small part and can seem in certain moments more like symbols of something larger than what could be feasibly explained, the listening back.

• Yard: http://yardrec.com
• Further Records: http://furtherrecords.org

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