♫♪  yeongrak - “bok choy”

I was getting hyped on Shisa’s next dip via Postlife Digital and stumbled into Hope Sick Cola, the relatively new (two digital months = ?) label that hosts a heavy crossover of artists with PLD. Sisha, along side co-Hope Sick Cola heads Catsperm and Nekophiliac, are a label literally creating labels (check the cover art), but while newly bonded QT tout a blind “100% supernatural” elixir, Hope Sick Cola avoid any future class action lawsuit. Peek their third release. yeongrak’s D’Chrone is direct on the forty-eight milligrams of sperm glowing inside (a mere one percent of our daily value) or how little fuckbomb there is (zero).

With the USDA cracking down on “green” or “organic” or “unsupernatural” products, we can safely thank the open source feel Hope Sick Cola provides (Quick shout out to the legal team who brought a nine million dollar suit against Naked Juice for false “all natural” claims and sent out checks for $8.47 to whoever asked). Yeungrak describes the main ingredient of D’Chrone as “most of it is just confusion” which is one hundred percent correct and the man will never own us money (sorry sue Naked again).

Check the ingredients; stream “bok choy” aperitif; ingest D’Chrone at a pay what you like rate.

• yeongrak: https://soundcloud.com/yeonglag
• yeongrak: https://onichomp.bandcamp.com
• Hope Sick Cola: https://hopesickcola.bandcamp.com

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