♫♪  yeongrak - uggghh riot

The body of work yeongrak has amassed understatedly huge and ever-growing. It spread out over so many streaming platforms, net labels, and compilations, collaborations, yeongrak would have some trouble compiling a list of it all. I ran into yeongrak’s D’Chrone last year from Hope Sick Cola. The album, like this most recent release uggghh riot from Emergency Tapes, hosts yeongrak’s footwork signatures and lands on the cleaner side of their noise meter – compare it to IMI DA LE DA LIL, one of the EIGHT albums released so far this year.

uggghh riot is Emergency Tapes’ second tape in 2015 (with a href=”http://www.tinymixtapes.com/chocolate-grinder/premiere-five-star-hotel-outlands”>Detriot’s Five Star Hotel) and it sits on the noisier end of yeongrak’s scale. Nick Risola is brought in for the tear-it-the-fuck-up track “femriotguard.” Later flipping the mood with yzome on “lower my aqi sugarhoney” – a featherier, quick paced song swirling around like a draining opiate high. The album, 16 songs in totally, is really comprehensive, filled with every page of what yeongrak has written in the past, but if you’re reading this it’s probably too late to cop a tape (only seven left as of Friday July 17, 4:20 PST), but if I’m wrong or you’re snagging the digital go to Emergency Tapes’ Bandcamp or the beast’s head at Visual Disturbances.

• yeongrak: https://onichomp.bandcamp.com
• Emergency Tapes: https://emergencytapes.bandcamp.com

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