♫♪  Yikii - desolateness

Yikii is nothing, nobody, nowhere. A ghosting figure, a partial presence. She moves through grey rain, head down, dripping wet, her feet don’t touch the ground.

desolateness is one of four digital releases that the Chinese artist released on her Bandcamp last month, and performs the same creepy kid vocals, dark nursery rhymes, and unsettling horror stories heard on her album, Dream Collapse, released by Japanese label 煮印不良品レコーディングス earlier this year.

In Yikii’s nightmarish daydream, zombies walk the streets holding drooping rose emojis. Their rotting hearts bump black blood and white smoke. Pale lips flush red with the sight of ripe flesh, and, floating alongside them, Yikii decorates her eyes in white power and red shadow in honor of their collective hunger, and our collective mourning. Sad spirits rise with the moon, and seraphim circle the dripping skies, invisible. Scary how pretty, pretty, how eerie.

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