♫♪  Ynfynyt - Ynfynyt Scroll Summer ‘16 Mixtape

RiRi’s only mistake Drake had the song of the summer if you go by what most Honda drivers listen to with “One Dance.” It was pleasant, watered down like iced coffee left overnight watered down dancehall, but it took all summer to get a counterpoint. So leave it Ynfynyt and Track Meet Records to bring the hit dancehall heat with Ynfynyt Scroll Summer ‘16 Mixtape. Appearances from Orlando Volcano, C.Z., and NAR plus some summer jam remixes of Carly Rae, Madeintyo, CH x RiRi, Ariana Grande, Mijad Jordan, Sy Ari Da Kid, and a bunch of songs I can’t linguistically grasp! It’s all flames and all free.

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