♫♪  Yo-Yo Bingo - 65° 46′ 52″ N 169° 03′ 25″ W / 65° 45′ 15″ N 168° 55′ 15″ W

A black dress shoe sinks into granite as a recycling bin recycles its own physical form. South of Tian Shan (Mountain of Heaven), Yo-Yo-Bingo materializes as a translucent phantom-being, half-vaporized by a Google Street View camera’s panoramic rotation. The fourth of 20 tracks that flesh out the trip-hop project’s Below the Bering Strait LP, 39° 52’ 16​.​5756” N 75° 40’ 28​.​992” W pounds out a woozy lullaby that naps in the overlap between digital a 360° composite photo: toy organs huff ramshackle melodies to the strain of rusted machinery. It erodes with a cavity laden smile, flashing its eaten-away grill as it becomes synthesized compost.

It feels like watching an old dog wheeze, collapsing beneath its furry pudge. These joints aren’t made for walking anymore.

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