♫♪  Yung Gleesh - Cleansides Finest 3

Man, I forgot how torturous public transport can be without an iPod. Mine broke a few weeks back and it’s been a struggle ever since. It’s brutal outchea with no tunes to listen to, brutal I tell you! I be seeing my fellow commuters with their earphones in, and for real, them geezers don’t know how lucky they’ve got it. Chin up to my iPod-less brethren though, you’re going to pull through this, I know it.

It would’ve been really nice to bump this new Gleesh tape on this dreadful train ride home I’ll be making later today, but you know, ^ the first paragraph. I’ve only just kind of skimmed through Cleansides Finest 3, but if i know Gleesh, and I do “know” Gleesh (I met him last year actually, top bloke, he gave me daps), this tape will surely deliver, baleedat.

• Yung Gleesh: www.gleetchi.com

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