♫♪  @yungbabyman - “greater good[prod.f_ntom]//ft. michael swamp”

“oh man, i done turned into an old man / oh man, i done turned into my old man”

@yungbabyman and michael swamp channel the spirit of Mac Demarco’s “My Old Man” at the outskirts of their adolescence, sneaking their respective fears of impending adulthood in the spaces between magical-realist metaphors and frank threats.

f_ntom’s boom-bap production adds baroque lounge gravitas to the mix, decking the duo’s laid-back bars with crackling slices of strings and funk rhythm. Only a metallic snare and a blow-out kick drum hold things together — each element of the track floats aimlessly in space, seeming to orbit around an unseen mass.

Though delivered with the oldhead-approved introspection of Gang Starr’s “Moment of Truth”, “greater good” still maintains a new-wave ethos, clocking in at a relatively brief minute and a half while putting much of its focus on vibe-creation. It’s a short sentence punctuated with an ellipses; an unfinished milkshake you leave in the freezer to slurp on later. Infinite/indefinite refreshment.

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