♫♪  YYU - Karaoke

Since knocking us to our knees with 2012’s TIMETIMETIME&TIME, Chicago based musician YYU has kept a fairly low profile. Though, when talking about someone who performs underneath a sheet, that’s not such a surprising tidbit.

After releasing two free mixes, a couple EPs, as well as the excellent Room Music in the years following TIMETIMETIME&TIME, YYU is back at it with a full-length on Lillerne Tapes, entitled Karaoke. Consisting of bedroom footwork excursions, lusty slow burners, sample cut-ups, and sparse electronic jaunts, these lovely patchworked aural textures are lightly filled in from time to time with YYU’s signature airy, tear-inducing vocals. Bliss is reel.

Unfortunately, all physical copies are sold out from Lillerne. Contact YYU for any remaining copies.

Btw, dibs on “Thunder Road” for karaoke this Sunday.

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