♫♪  yyu - memos v.1

Note-taking through a flip pad in the left-hand back pocket or a notes app saved to a cloud, through a AAA battery powered audio recorder or an audio recorder app saved to a cloud, saving thoughts and observations, sounds of a friend or a demo. Increasingly, as I’ve moved from place to place, note-taking has played an important part of life. Jotting down blurred remnant of a night’s conversations or recording the un-oiled screech of the L because hearing it brings back the weird musk the 18th Station pink line stop decided to have. It’s the best way to hoard memories – go ahead and through away your tiny spoon collection.

These types of notes are personal, but not the in the My Diary: Stay Out Dad way and more like memos v.1, the latest from yyu (a.k.a. B Straus). They’re songs about a thought in a moment and time that a majority of its listeners won’t have experienced. So they aren’t directly personal to us…yet. B Straus opened their notebook and audio recorder to, in the latin definition of memorandum posted, “mention, call to mind, recount, relate.” A note of notes inviting us to add on.

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