♫♪  yzome - “heavenly”

The apocalypse won’t be televised. “heavenly” is a record of the Earth’s final cataclysmic moments captured by an Android’s low-res camera and posted to a co-worker’s snap story. Engineered in a secret subterranean facility by New World Order-affiliated organization yzome, an ultra-dense singularity of chaotic breakcore fills and footwork rhythms meant to be weaponized collapses on itself, obliterated by its own gravitational pull. Its release of energy is powerful and swift, a sonic supernova composed of three layers — an outer rim of shredded vocal samples culled from unidentifiable YouTube videos, an inner melodic sphere of frenetic melody lifted from Gameboy sound chips and technical death metal records, and a tightly packed core of distortion-laden, syncopated percussion propelled by bassy kicks. The sound barely registers the listener’s brain before it overtakes them — comprehension is thrown to the wind in favor of pure intensity. Michael Bay levels of destructive force like this aren’t to be toyed with. Press “play” only if you’ve come properly equipped to handle such power.

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