♫♪  Zac Nelson - “Her Female Breath” (Vanilla Hammer remix)

“Vanilla Hammer” is slang for a certain part of the male anatomy. It is also a kung-fu move. Vanilla Hammer is also an alcoholic drink popular in Indonesia and other surrounding island states. It consists of a moonshine that is derived from sugar cane that’s been fermented in coconut halves harvested from the island volcano Batu Tara. Mangosteen fruit are then soaked in the liquor for days, until the sweet taste has fully saturated the alcohol. The drink is imbibed and then the moonshine-soaked fruit is eaten (presumably for the “hammer” effect).

What is interesting about Vanilla Hammer’s remix of Zac Nelson’s “Her Female Breath,” off of his recent LP for Debacle — Charbroille — is that it plays like a continuation of the song instead of a recreation. Nelson ended his track with a female voice, and Vanilla Hammer starts his remix off with the same voice, a capella, before diving straight into the heart of the sun. Like any good remix, “Her Female Breath” is newly engaging for different reasons than before, and Nelson’s dynamic, aggressive drumming is blanketed in sheets of noise instead of pushing along the beat.

• Zac Nelson: http://zacnelson.bandcamp.com
• Vanilla Hammer: https://soundcloud.com/vanham

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