♫♪  zoe 000000 - “℻”

There’s nothing like the public-restroom-hand-soap sliminess of 48kbps audio to coat the cortex in mind-numbing spaciness. zoe 000000’s “℻”. Compressed to otherworldly levels, the tracks’s tinny breakbeats seem to phase in and out of one’s perception like a puddle of LED distortion left on the TV screen by your index finger.

The fax machine left to rot in the garage inexplicably begins to vibrate, slowly regurgitating a document despite lacking any sort of power source. Your whole family cautiously gathers around the device, silenced by fear and awe as the faint semblance of a waveform is inked onto the emerging sheet of paper. After a search engine excursion, you are able to scan and read the waves with the assistance of cutting-edge paleospectrophonic software. You load the file into Audacity and warily tap the play button:

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