♫♪  Zoë Mc Pherson - “ii. Deep (prayer)”

Now strand-ed in methods to untangle meaning from a hybrid weave, a tapestry of electronics is thread-ed through organic instrumentation, and the other way around, too. Producer Zoë Mc Pherson plays thematic with an early [cat’s] cradle of civilization practice: the creation of string figures, here presented as a metaphor extending through cultural ties and colonial tangles.

Come for the string theory; stay for the polyrhythmic production, divergent sound source layering, material-electronic duality, and field recording sources pulled into taut and sonorous angles. The “ii Deep (prayer)” cut sets intricate frame drum work (and/or programming resembling same - an uncanny valley effect the album often explores) against steeply plunging bass pulses, all building to a heady groove spinning brightly-patterned fabric from global source. Bolts available from Germany’s SVS Records.

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