♫♪  Zola Jesus - “Seekir”

Got Goth-pop girls on the mind? Rejoice and boot up iTunes yet again: the recent harvest has been rich!

First, there’s Chelsea Wolfe’s new album, whose title is so Goth you can’t pronounce it without help (Ἀποκάλυψις (‘Apokalypsis,’ of course)); then there’s Exitmusic, whose singer Aleksa Palladino sometimes sounds to me like Beach House’s Victoria Legrand, if the beach is one in the wake of a hurricane; and then, of course, there’s the new stuff from Zola Jesus. If Zola’s incredible cameo on “Intro” of M83’s impending album isn’t enough for you, then check out new track “Seekir” from her own upcoming album Conatus, out October 4 from Sacred Bones. The chanting at the beginning is pretty groovy, the beat added later is even groovier, and when Zola really gets started, you’ll hear how big female vocals are really meant to sound, especially if you’re as goddamn sick as me of that overplayed Adele song.

• Zola Jesus: http://zolajesus.com
• Sacred Bones: http://www.sacredbonesrecords.com

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