♫♪  Zoos of Berlin - “Open The Wine”

A toast! Pour some wine! Sip to your health! Okay, so, the first thing Detroit-based Zoos Of Berlin told me is that they were really into Scott Walker. Soon after, we sipped fine wine and not-so-fine beer inside their professionally-designed, well-equipped studio-rehearsal space tucked up into re-purposed Recycling Center down a somewhat desolate street of a lonelier pocket of the Motor City, exuding proclivities towards the “cinematic” and the poignantly “atmospheric” elements of pop music.

Surfy guitars lap upon the foamy shores of your idyllic getaway, charmed by a softly smiling moonlight wreathed warmly by a starry azure glow; you dance/march your way along the promenade toward a mystical mansion, every window radiant with tawny chandelier-light spilling out, and suddenly you’re inside, bouncing on your toes to those shuffling organs, intoxicated by the waves of reverb, the fluttery flumes of those synthetic-harps and the breathily crooned harmonies. It’s all a whirl, and suddenly the corks back on and the dream snaps and shutters away. “Cinematic…” indeed! That’s the movie that just played inside my head while listening to the new single from Zoos Of Berlin, an all-too-welcomed if terrible tease of what lies ahead for our ears, on July 15, when they release their 2nd proper full-length Lucifer In The Rain on Time No Place.

Listen here.

• Zoos of Berlin: http://zoosofberlin.bandcamp.com
• Time No Place: http://timenoplace.com

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