Spa dancehall be like KOMPLEX - SELEK 1. It’s a sweat one can take a shower and wipe-away. The tile scene in that bathroom just swelters and love and serendipity ain’t even a term of this romance no-more. Risk the movement under this fountain of water. Slippery when wet, so careful thrusts are the spark. Delicacy of love making on a soapy foundation.

Movement pool of whirls pushing a cocoon of grinding. A bubble of people stuck together, naturally. Grainy whispers between gasps and groans. Heartbeats for rhythm. Thoughts of pure ecstasy. Natural high overdose. One orgasm too many. Nothing is coming out anymore. All we are is sliding together. Come play with us.

Understanding the sauna as Valentine’s Day, so to leave here is a ZWAN dive into a footbath hosted by Pedicure Records. Rub:

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