♫♪  ZXPH XLLXS - “XCXD BXMB (GUNDAM REFIX)” [Jack Dat - Radar Radio Rip]

Real Robots, Robotic Realism.

Gundam, an anime lothario, excels in his own elementary vision : to “make wifey tunes and grime refixes”, commuter town alloys that seize on the most energetic sounds of this continuously vigorous (London)world, and add an extra exhaust pipe. Tooooo muuuuch!!!

In this instance, we find a ZXPH XLLXS instrumental, refitted - before it had been seized in all its glory by ascendant Yu-Gi-Oh! fan AJ Tracey - and uprgraded to an even brighter form of combustion.

Luridly animated yet contained with the parameters of an actually existing Fully Automated Luxury Brocialism, this is an acceleration that does not truck with fanciful utopias – not straying, Gundam keeps things in the here and now, components retooled yet familiar.

His is a terrain where terms and frames and sparks and wires and pure fucking energy are hastily soldered, set loose (still hot, spinning), and ripped.

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