♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 01 - “Rise of the Common Woodpile”

Welcome to Chocolate Grinder, our new multimedia section! To kick things off, we'll post a couple 2008 mixes to get in the groove and then start posting 2009 mixes on a regular basis, including tracks from albums that haven't been released yet. These mixes aren't necessarily intended to be promotional -- there's a reason we're sequencing them into one continuous track -- but we do encourage you to seek out the albums from which they're culled, if only to compare how their respective contexts shape our valuation of them. The first 2008 mix, "Rise of the Common Woodpile," compiles some of my favorite tracks of last year. If you scan through the tracklist, it's obvious I'm not aiming for comprehensiveness or popularity -- they're just simply songs that hit me in that warm, fuzzy spot.

"Rise of the Common Woodpile" tracklist:

01. YMCK - "Sabita Tobira no Dai 8 Tengoku" (Family Genesis)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: Avex Trax - YMCK
02. Kurt Weisman - "Mother Daughter Day" (Spiritual Sci-Fi)
- Start time: 3:03; Links: Important - Kurt Weisman
03. Foot Village - "Materialistic Crap" (Friendship Nation)
- Start time: 6:26; Links: Tome - Gilgongo - Foot Village
04. Kría Brekkan - "Skywinnowing" (Apotropaiosong Armor)
- Start time: 8:22; Links: Kría Brekkan
05. The Music Tapes - "Freeing Song for Reindeer" (Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes)
- Start time: 10:01; Links: Merge - The Music Tapes
06. Matmos - "Rainbow Flag" (Supreme Balloon)
- Start time: 12:57; Links: Matador - Matmos
07. Max Tundra - "Gum Chimes" (Parallax Error Beheads You)
- Start time: 16:37; Links: Domino - Max Tundra
08. Evangelista - "For the L'il Dudes" (Hello, Voyager)
- Start time: 20:05; Links: Constellation - Evangelista
09. Sun City Girls - "Mr. Lonely Viola" (Mister Lonely OST)
- Start time: 22:53; Links: Drag City - Sun City Girls
10. Karl Blau - "Noah Richards' Sun" (AM)
- Start time: 26:47; Links: Whistler - Karl Blau

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

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