♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 29 - “Hipster Hopscotch”

My definition of what constitutes hip-hop may be a little broader than most: the more I am exposed to, the more connections I make. It’s no surprise that there are almost no “pure” forms of music left (if there were any to begin with). Music history is a collection of influences, a result of continual hybridization, and even at its roots, hip-hop depended heavily on the recorded music of other genres (drum breaks lifted from funk, disco, and rock, and looped indefinitely). I hope this mix helps to spark a few more connections.

01. Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program - “1derful Beings” (Destination There EP)
Start time: 0:00; Links: Ramp - Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program

02. Apathy - “This Is The Formula feat. J-Live” (Wanna Snuggle?)
Start time: 2:10; Links: Apathy

03. Mad EP & Area Filthy One - “Fire & Mud (Akira Kiteshi Remix)” (Brimstone Bangerz EP)
Start time: 5:30; Links: Spectraliquid - Mad EP

04. Thavius Beck - “Away (Flying Lotus Remix)” (Go! single)
Start time: 9:43; Links: Big Dada - Thavius Beck

05. Raoul Sinier - “Sand Skull” (Tremens Industry)
Start time: 12:13; Links: Ad Noiseam - Raoul Sinier

06. DJ Bootsie - “Vast Hope feat. Vast Aire” (Holidays In The Shade)
Start time: 16:16; Links: BBE - DJ Bootsie

07. Casey Foubert & James McAlister - “Big Moth” (Library Catalogue Music Series - Volume 3: Music For Drums)
Start time: 19:59; Links: Asthmatic Kitty

08. Juice Aleem - “Rock My Hologram” (Jerusalaam Come)
Start time: 22:57; Links: Big Dada - Juice Aleem

09. DJ Devastate - “A Days Work” (Movement/Silence)
Start time: 26:30; Links: BBE - DJ Devastate

10. Arms And Sleepers - “The International” (Matador)
Start time: 29:58; Links: Fake Chapter - Arms And Sleepers

[Artwork: Keith Kawaii]

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