♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 41 - “Hipster Hopscotch Vol. II”

As I explained in the first “Hipster Hopscotch” mix, my definition of what constitutes hip-hop may be a little broader than most. The more music I am exposed to, the more connections I make within its rich tapestry. Music history is itself a collection of influences, a result of continual hybridization that takes an instrument from here, a rhythmic idea from there, and constantly churns out fresh material. Even at its roots, hip-hop depended heavily on the recorded music of other genres (e.g., drum breaks lifted from funk, disco, and rock and looped indefinitely). As always, I hope this mix helps to spark a few more connections.

01. Nocando - “Exploits & Glitches” (Jimmy The Lock)
Start time: 0:00; Links: Alpha Pup - Nocando

02. Blockhead - “Four Walls” (The Music Scene)
Start time: 2:28; Links: Ninja Tune - Blockhead

03. Slacker - “Just As I Am” (Start A New Life)
Start time: 8:05; Links: Godlike & Electric - Slacker

04. Durlin Lurt - “Magic” (Him Jenson)
Start time: 12:57; Links: Leaving

05. Noah23 - “Faded feat. Ceschi” (Cool Like the Pulse of a Corpse)
Start time: 15:37; Links: Tabaka - Noah23

06. Free The Robots - “Select/Start” (Ctrl Alt Delete)
Start time: 19:49; Links: Alpha Pup - Free The Robots

07. Dem Hunger - “Mosque Vibrations” (Caveman Smack)
Start time: 23:30; Links: Leaving - Dem Hunger

08. Open Mike Eagle - “Garbage Man” (Unapologetic Art Rap)
Start time: 27:59; Links: Mush - Open Mike Eagle

09. Dan Le Sac vs Scoobius Pip - “Inert Explosions” (The Logic of Chance)
Start time: 32:12; Links: Sunday Best - Dan Le Sac vs Scoobius Pip

10. B. Dolan - “Earthmovers [prod. by Alias]” (Fallen House Sunken City)
Start time: 36:27; Links: Strange Famous - B. Dolan

[Artwork: Keith Kawaii]

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