♫♪  Guest Mix: All Tiny Creatures - The Book Mixtape

Look guys, I know you’re all getting #stoked for that new Volcano Choir album, but did you know that three of the Volcano Choir guys have a band called All Tiny Creatures? And did you know that said band is also coming out with a new album? Well, in order to get us pumped for their new record, the band has prepared an immaculate guest mix for us that features their new single “The Book” as a jumping-off point. “The Book” is an excellent piece of harmonically rich electro-pop music that creates a surprisingly lush texture with a well-arranged minimal palette of synth, guitar, vocals, and drums. All subsequent tracks on the mix grow out of “The Book,” making it feel like the greatest Kraftwerk club epic that never existed. It’s an impeccably well-sequenced and streamlined plummet into All Tiny Creatures’ sonic world.

All Tiny’s Creatures’ Dark Clock is out June 25 via Hometapes. You can check out their guest mix below:

• All Tiny Creatures: http://www.alltinycreatures.com
• Hometapes: http://www.home-tapes.com

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