♫♪  Guest Mix: LAKE R▲DIO - The Killer Lake

LAKE R▲DIO is the project of Caden Moore, an Illinois-based electronic artist who first rose to prominence two years ago with the coming of witch-house. Although the music of LAKE R▲DIO exhibits many of the telltale signs of witchery — screwed beats, shoegaze-y atmospherics, strange typographic symbols — Caden equally indulges his love of downtempo hash bar jams, resulting in a chill concoction that is not merely about the drag. For evidence, check out the recently-released Hypoxia, a sprawling, digital-only compilation of recent work. For his Chocolate Grinder mix, LAKE R▲DIO provides us with The Killer Lake, a 31-minute thematic trawl through a dark lagoon of mind-erasing weirdness. Caden had this to say about his mix:

Beneath the peaceful surface of this lake lurks a monster which has the power to wipe out the millions of people who live within its region. Deep in the bottom layers, the water holds a sinister secret. It has killed before and it can kill again. Scientists are now in a race against time to stop this serial killer from striking once more.

[00:00] The Killer Lake
[02:35] Clams Casino - “Angels”
[08:56] Jackson 5 - “I Want You Back”
[10:08] Aphex Twin - “Avril 14th”
[11:42] Sesame Street
[12:30] Kid Preachers - “Giant Killers”
[12:40] Unidentified Philip Glass track
[13:30] Jay-Z - “December 4th”
[14:30] Beach House - “Norway (Dkon Remix)”
[16:54] Grimes - “Genesis”
[17:10] Destiny’s Child - “Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)”
[21:14] Evan Ireland - “Safe House”
[25:15] Spaceghostpurrp - “Lustful ‘97”

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