Supported by dubious — although equally hilarious, satirical, intriguing, and ludicrous — Twitter personalities of music-community, CZAR-vapourers c$burns, CENTRAL COMMAND HVRF, and ETERNAL SON, OGRITCH [Editor’s Note: “for sure”] (creator of VAPED MILK)

….and he just dropped VAPED MILK EPISODE #2 SPECIAL FOR TMT, and Chocolate Grinder is happy to support. Whether or not I’m being tricked by someone I’m already acquainted with, VAPED MILK EPISODE #2 SPECIAL FOR TMT is turned up. And if it ain’t, you’d better crank your speakers. It’s time to blare as much mist as possible. Find some new sounds. Grow your mind a minute. Faith in sound. Forget people even made it:

Chocolate Grinder

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